We have built some of the world’s most recognisable landmarks.

Driven by a passion for architecture of the highest quality, we craft buildings of durability and delight. Our studios around the world design buildings that please clients and excite users. Our global portfolio includes Gardens by the Bay in Singapore and Crown Sydney, a luxury destination hotel for Australia. We have spectacularly restored London’s Battersea Power Station, turning an industrial ruin into a new neighbourhood and visitor attraction, and have built headquarters and campuses for Dyson, Wellcome Trust, Deutsche Bank, CIBC, Munich RE, Facebook and Apple.

With studios in London, Hong Kong and Sydney, we have the agility and reach to realise projects throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and North America. We fuse architecture, engineering and culture, with an informed use of technology and materials. We embrace the spirit of the new tempered by an appreciation of context and environment. Our experience of taking projects to completion means our innovative solutions are delivered.

How we work

We take a participatory approach to the brief, working with client and user groups, and promoting a spirit of exploration and enquiry. Our ability to research the potential of engineering and technology often provides a rich resource. 

  • Design Brief

    Our dialogue with the client is at the heart of the design process. We engage with them in the development of the brief and utilise different media to explain how our proposals will work. Gathering valuable input on the user experience improves our understanding of complex demands and how these are to be met in the final outcome. Avoiding a prescriptive approach, we take time to develop a workable hierarchy of spatial and operational needs which the design can address. We see this as an enjoyable and iterative dialogue which doesn’t allow planning and regulatory requirements to dominate, although taking them into account.

    sketching during a project meeting
  • Design Journey

    We employ a range of tools to aid the interpretation of the brief and the visualisation of design proposals. Our methodology will use technology such as point cloud surveys, BIM or parametric design to decode complexity and unlock options to be explored with the client. We also enjoy the simpler but often very effective tools of physical modelling and sketching to support form-finding and design enquiry. We aim to go above and beyond expectations, seeking ways to add value to the outcome. 

    Architectural model of the Compton and Edrich stands at Lord's Cricket Ground
  • Design for People

    People need to be at the heart of our design, and we see our community as having a number of constituencies.

    The intended user; the client body and the daily occupants and visitors to our buildings. 

    Those in the vicinity experiencing the building in its wider context; considering and taking responsibility for economic, societal and environmental impacts of construction and operation.

    Our peers in practice, other construction partners and the next generation of architects; contribute to best practice, architectural education and efforts to make the profession more accountable and representative of wider society.

    Interior of the Maggie Centre Oxford


At WilkinsonEyre we believe that innovation, collaboration and good design can further sustainability goals.

Exterior of Alpine House at Kew Gardens

Since the inception of the practice in 1983, we have consistently pushed the integration of architecture, engineering and technology. We seek to optimise the synergy between good aesthetics, structure, and environmental design, to draw out the best aspects of each with elegance and economy.

This ethos has driven WilkinsonEyre to deliver innovative, efficient and beautiful design solutions that achieve a balance between ethical, environmental, social and economic sustainability. We embrace the fundamental principle of “doing more with less” that inspired the high-tech architectural movement and have successfully interpreted this philosophy to design for the urgent environmental needs of the 21st Century.

Our global reach and diversity portfolio offer us a broad range of opportunities for sustainable design; we will always strive to explore and outpace given targets to optimise energy performance whilst delivering viable solutions, incorporating innovation and design flair as we do so. 

Click here to view our Sustainability Manifesto

Waterfall at Gardens by the Bay